Michelangelo Buonarroti was the only artist who mixed poetry into his work in a successful way.  He was born to a Noble man who sent his son to live with a stone carver. From there on, Michelangelo adapted to his adopted father’s work.  He is known for many of his super-human achievements as well as poetry and architecture. Because Michelangelo was such a great sculpture, the ambassador of France requested him to create a piece which became his most famous called Pieta. The Pieta was carved so great in detail that when people saw it, they could feel how The Virgin Mary felt when holding her son in her hands after the crucifixion. Then he achieve another great sculpture; The Statue of David. The Huge marble statue, which took three years, mirrors the determination as well as the authority of Republican Florence.  Not only does The Statue of David reflect the powers of Republican Florence but it also is the most famous works of the Renaissance. Not only did Michelangelo succeed in sculpture, he also was legendary for his paintings. He received a special request to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which is also one of his very well known pieces of art. Because of the beautifully painted geometric patterns and paintings of the Apostles, he was asked again to paint a scene onto the Sistine Chapel’s altar wall; The Last Judgment.